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The telco space is forever expanding utilizing many different technologies. At Interstellio our goal is not only to integrate these technologies to work cohesively in one eco system but ensure the implementations makes sense. We build and integrate new technologies that actually make a difference for our customers.

We focus on two domains:


Orchestration of customer services into the network. This means automating processes to configure routers, switches and even provide signalling related services such as AAA (Radius).


Storing of relevant customer data, indexing it and ensuring it’s possible to generate reports from such data.


Infrastructure As A Service


NebularStack a single platform developed to deliver isolated services to our clients. You only have one interface to cater for all your needs.


Designed to work with whatever systems you already have in place. Whether you use your own customer portals, billing applications etc.. In-fact we are being consumed by other orchestration platforms in production today at some of our customers.


We take pride in our highly redundant cloud-hosted IAAS offering and put security first. We don't allow any insecure protocols or use any insecure password hashing algorithms.


Manage your FTTH, Mobile APN, WIFI subscribers and more via our AAA/Radius subscriber management platform. Our out-of-the-box solution enables engineering teams to deploy in minutes in order to avoid detrimental employee errors and costly security breaches.


NebularStack is built using fully redundant components to provide your business with an eco-system of tools. Manage your customers, services and network all in one place using our reliable, redundant and secure SAAS offering.


Every bit is intended to work with whatever systems you already have in place. All functionality is exposed by our REST JSON API securely accessible anywhere in the world to provision and manage your services. The API Explorer can be used which simplifies the integration process.


We're monitoring our services 24/7 and continuously available for any system related issues. You can log a ticket via Different customers have different service legal agreements based on their commercial requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Infrastructure As Service essentially makes our solution more economical when running at scale with hundreds of, or even millions of active subscribers. It also reduces the risk and resources required by our customers to run such a large platform at scale. If you had to simple small radius platform it would be easy to manage, however at scale you have more concerns:

    • A team of DBA(s) to manage your databases. (Elastic, SQL, Object Stores etc)
    • Unix system administrators with vast amount of experience in high availability.
    • Disaster Recovery plan with backups to remote sites.
    • Hardware with spares on demand, as with this you would need dedicated resources to scale.
    • A 24/7 standby team to ensure the platform is continuously running.
    • A more intensive process to get support on independently installed platform.
    We take care of all this, including customization and additional features for our clients.

  • Our subscriber management platform is highly configurable and supports any vendor. The only limitation will be what kind of functionality does your equipment support.

  • You can contact us to engage and setup a potential demo. We offer workshops to discuss the functionality and solutions to your requirements in-depth.

  • Pricing depends on all the modules and functionality required and is done on per usage basis. Please contact us.

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